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Update/Wrap Up! Superbowl/Japan/Colin Hay/France/ - February 7, 2015

Hello Everybody!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope 2015 is going well for you all so far! Here's a little update of what has been happening as well as a wrap up of the last half of 2014.


I recorded drums on two spots for the Superbowl campaign. Check it out below:



Modern Drummer/DRUM Magazine/SAKAE Drums Campaign

Sakae Drums has featured me in several ads this past year in Modern Drummer and DRUM Magazine. Thank you Sakae Drums! Below is a photo:




I spent most of 2014 in Japan with Kyosuke Himuro. We Completed a massive sold out 51 date tour of Japan commencing with 2 nights at Yokohama Stadium. This tour marked Himuro's 25th anniversary of being a solo artist. The Yokohama dates were documented on dvd/blu ray. Here are some clips from Night One.



Also while in Japan we recorded Himuro's latest single, "One Life" as well as the b-side, "Before you Fall Asleep". Check out some clips of the songs here:



In addition, Rhythm & Drums Magazine Japan did a feature on me and the gear I used on Himuro's tour. Thank you Rhythm & Drums! Here's a photo of the article:




In 2014,  "Timeless Le Film", from the Mylene Farmer "Timeless Tour" was released on DVD/Blu Ray as well as in theaters. The concert film, shot in Lyon, was the biggest selling music DVD in France last year. Here is the live clip from the song "Diabolique Mon Ange":


Colin Hay

Last September I embarked on a short west coast tour with Colin Hay as well as a monthly residency at the Los Angeles venue "Largo".  We entered the studio to record Colin's upcoming record entitled "Next Year People". To celebrate the release we are playing a series of shows at the venue, "The City Winery" in Nashville Feb 12-13th, New York Feb 16-19, and Chicago Feb 21-23. Below is a link to the track "Trying to get to You". Album out Feb 17th! (you can preview it now on iTunes!)



Thanks again everyone!

best and take care!

talk soon,


Hello! Update..Timeless Dvd/Blu-ray Release, Yokohama Stadium, Additional Himuro Shows, Rhythm & Drums Magazine Japan and Sakae Drums - May 19, 2014

Hello Everyone!


Konichiwa! Hope you are all doing well! Here is a little update:


I am currently in the middle of a 50 date tour of Japan with Kyosuke Himuro. Just announced....Eight shows have been added to the Kyosuke Himuro 25th Anniversary Tour including 2 days at Yokohama Stadium, July 19 and 20!




In addition, I was recently in the studio with Himuro recording some new songs for an upcoming release.



Rhythm and Drums Magazine Japan did a piece on myself and the gear I am currently using on the road in the May 2014 issue. Thank you Rhythm and Drums Magazine Japan! Thank you Sakae Drums, Paiste Cymbals and Vic Firth Drum Sticks for your support and making such fine instruments!






Mylene! The Timeless 2013 DVD/Blueray has been released! It documents last year's epic Mylene Farmer Timeless tour that I participated in.


Below is a trailer for the film:




Sakae Drums! I received an opportunity to visit the Sakae drums factory in Osaka a few weeks ago where I was allowed to build a snare drum of my choice (with the help and aide of the talented Sakae drums craftsmen and staff!). Thank you to all at Sakae Drums for the warmth and hospitality. I was happy to see once again how these beautiful drums are made and to be reminded of the heart and soul that goes into these handcrafted instruments. Below is pic of me applying a coat of paint to the shell.





Thanks everyone for reading!

Best and take care,





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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Update! HIMURO, Mylène Farmer, James Blunt, Smash Mouth, SAKAE Drums, Batterie Magazine, DRUM SOLO! - January 8, 2014



Hello Everybody! Here's to a happy and healthy New Year! My best to you, your families and friends. I am looking forward to a great 2014.



I feel very fortunate to have gotten the chance to make a lot of music all over the world in 2013..... To all of the fans of the various artists I work with, thank you for coming to the performances and making it all happen. ありがとうございます! Merci! Thanks! Spasibo!.....To all of the Artists, Bands, Musicians and Crew I work with, thank you for having me up there with you!.....To Sakae Drums, Paiste Cymbals, and Vic Firth Drumsticks for making the instruments I rely on, I thank you!


Here is some news about what's in store for this year as well as some highlights of the second half of 2013.




I am excited to announce that this year I will be taking part in the KYOSUKE HIMURO 25th Anniversary Tour! Excited to come back to Japan and perform with HIMURO and the band for all the fans!




You can hear and see my playing on HIMURO's latest cd/dvd, "25th Anniversary Best Album Greatest Anthology".


Here is a link to the album/dvd:



Mylène Farmer


This past year I got the opportunity to take part in the dream that was the Mylène Farmer "TIMELESS Tour". It was a supreme joy to share the stage with such a dedicated cast and crew, band, staff, dancers and to perform for all of the fans. Thank you for the support of all who took part and attended in person and spirit. Below is the live video for the first single, "Diabolique Mon Ange" from the recently released live album, "Timeless 2013".

BATTERIE Magazine and SAKAE Drums

I am now a proud endorser of SAKAE DRUMS. These drums look and sound fantastic. Here is a link to my artist page: 

I was interviewed for the November 2013 issue of BATTERIE Magazine (French Drum Magazine). Thank you Batterie for the article!


Here is a link to their website





Smash Mouth


Last year I performed with Smash Mouth on most of the, "Under The Sun Tour". What a blast it was traveling through North America with Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Verticle Horizon and Fast Ball! Special thanks to our hard working crew who brought the whole spectacle to life 6 days a week for about two straight months, and a thank you to the boys in Smash Mouth for letting me have a solo in the middle of our show. This was a real highlight of 2013!


Here are a couple of the drum solos from the tour:


Live at the Greek Theater In Los Angeles:

Live in Hampton Beach:

James Blunt

I had the opportunity to play some additional Hi-Hats on the song, "Bones" from James Blunts new record, "Moon Landing". It was great to be back in the studio with James and Tom Rothrock again! The entire record came out great. Below is a clip of the song I worked on.

Scarlette Fever

I spent a nice day in the studio last year with the UK's own Scarlette Fever recording the song, "Sunday Best". I had the pleasure of playing with the great Davey Faragher on bass and working with Tommy Faragher who was producing the track. Below is a link to the song.

OK everyone, that's all for now! Thanks for checking out this update, and talk to you soon! 

Best, thanks and love,


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