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Charlie Paxson: news

Chocolate rain - September 2, 2007

This is cracking us up so much in the studio right now I had to post this. Also I put some pics over on my myspace page from Mexico with Enrique Iglesias. C ya - Charlie

Crash. - August 11, 2007

I found this photo online of a recent show with Colin Hay in San Francisco. Rock.dsc08581

Japan, tour bus, usa, Himuro, Colin Hay - July 29, 2007

Konichiwa! Genki Des?!? Hello, I am writing this on a tour bus leaving Indianapolis, Indiana. I am out on the road playing drums with Colin Hay. As some of you may or may not know I was In Japan for a good part of the last 6 months. What an amazing experience. I was touring with an Artist named Himuro. Every show was sold out. The audiences were amazing. We played hard every night, always giving 110 percent. Everyone that I worked with in Japan was amazing, a pleasure to hang with off and on stage. Japan is a great country, so many beautiful places,
magnificent temples and shrines, amazing food, wonderful seaside, extremely nice people. I feel very fortunate to have seen so much of Japan. From Kyushu to Sapporo, I went everywhere and the people I was with always made sure I always had a great time.

(I will post some photos soon!)

I hope to go back soon and would highly recommend a visit there.

The Colin Hay tour has been great, we have been maintaining a very busy touring schedule, but there is a certain effortless to it. I feel very lucky to have a great crew that have made it very easy on us.

I am looking forward to some upcoming recording sessions in LA, as well as some shows with Cecelia Noel and the Wild Clams and Enrique Iglesias.

I am very excited to start recording my next record, and to play some Charlie Paxson shows, so please stay tuned!

Arigato- go zai mas!
See you soon!

Great shows in Japan! - July 8, 2007

Two great sold out shows at the Saitama Super Arena with Himuro the past couple days! Great audiences , thanks to all who came!Japan, such a great place, I had a great time, it feels like home!

I am about to start the Colin Hay tour in a few days. Colin is awesome! Hope to see you at one of the shows!

Super Arena - July 5, 2007

Looking forward to the Himuro Shows at Saitama Super Arena Shows this weekend!

Fukui - May 12, 2007

Fun show tonight in Fukui, Japan. Hope all is well.


Domo... - April 26, 2007

Just checking in, still in Japan playing hard and having fun. I feel very fortunate to have be able to travel and play all over this country (Japan). Everyone, band and crew is really nice and fun to be around and I look forward to each show.

In other news , Colin Hay's new record came out, "Are You Looking at Me" on Compass Records. Go check it out if you get a chance.

Also I am now a proud endorser of Yamaha drums. Great company, great drums. (Thank you Yamaha!)

Now I am off to Kobe.
Thanks, speak to you soon,

Muse / Fringe Tritone / Chicken Wings - March 19, 2007

The tour is going great! I feel so lucky to be able to play for so many enthusiastic people every night! Thank you!

I went to see MUSE tonight in Nagoya, what a great band! I am particularly found of the song "Starlight". In additon, I went to see my fellow Himuro band mate Takeshi Honda's band "Fringe Tritone" , I thought they were great too!

A night of great music followed by some great food in Nagoya, Japan.

Take care everyone,

February 28, 2007

The Himuro tour has started!The shows have been great! The crowds have been great! I believe the whole tour is sold out! I can't wait untill the next show!

Take care,

Japan! - February 23, 2007

The Himuro tour starts tomorrow!

Rehearsals! - February 4, 2007

Hello, I have been rehearsing with Himuro this past week! Looking forward to going to Japan!

This Tuesday! - January 19, 2007

YO peeps , please come to the show ! It will be the last one for a little while!

SHOWS! HIMURO! ENRIQUE! - January 5, 2007

Yes peeps!
I have two shows in January.

THIS FRIDAY Jan12th AT "On The Rox" in Hollywood FREE 9pm!

and then Tue Jan 23rd at "El Cid" in Silverlake at 8:30pm (not the Silverlake Lounge as posted before!)

Please come! These will be the last shows for a while because I am going on tour in Japan with Kyoske Himuro in early Feb ! I also recorded a couple of songs on his new record! Check it out here!
I will also be playing drums with Enrique Iglesias for a upcoming concert.

Also - go check out Marie' is a new artist on Hollywood records. I recorded drums on her album and am extremely proud of it , check it out!

Show REPORT! Temple Bar! Grammys! - December 14, 2006

I bloged about it here:
or read it below!

Show REPORT! Temple Bar! GRAMMYS!

Hello Everyone!

Last night I played at the Temple Bar, great show, great time!
So great to see all of you there, there were many surprise attendees! The guys in the band Jimmy, Sean, and Bill played great (thanks guys!). My friend Zack Hexum played before me (with whom I played drums with). Thank you Zack and Brian for getting me on the bill!

The show was a ton of fun! I yelled and cursed at the crowd to move from the "safe seats" along the perimeter of the club to the "abyss of a dance floor" in front of the stage, and they did, and I thank them for it! As far as I am concerned, a "Rock Show" is a two way street between the band and or performer and the audience, the audience has the power to make a good show a great show. It really is all about having a REAL GOOD TIME! Thanks guys!

So! Here are some notes on the show:
The segue from "Help Yourself" into "Don't stop Believing" made a welcome return appearance, "Keep it close to me", a Superdrag cover made its debut (I find that song very cathartic), I played a newer song named "Telephone", "Well Enough" ended with a punk rock Jingle Bells, and if that "Weren't Enough" I actually got an encore! I played "Not the Same" by Ben Folds, what an awesome surprise! Thanks everyone!

The set went as follows:

Help Yourself (into Don't Stop Believing by Journey)
Keep it close to me (Superdrag cover)
Well Enough (into Jingle Bells)
I believe when I fall in love (Stevie Wonder cover)
Let it go

Not the Same (Ben Folds Cover)

After the show we kept it real and went back to Highland Park, and partied at the best bar in the whole fucking world The Little Cave! (

A big thank you to Swan and the Temple Bar! What a great way to spend a Tuesday night!

I hope to see you all in January, stay tuned for more dates!

Keep it real, Happy Holidays, and be good to each other,


(P.s. In other good news James Blunts "Back to Bedlam" is nominated for 5 GRAMMYS! I played drums on this record!
AND COME SEE COLIN HAY THIS SAT DEC 16th AT LARGO ON FAIRFAX! Colin is amazing, amazing, and amazing. I will be playing drums with him as well as the great Chad Fischer/Lazlo Bane. Call Largo and make reservations now! )

Aight! Thanks again!


Great fun at on the rox! - December 2, 2006

Yeah Everyone!, Another Fun Show!

I posted a blog aboout it at
(feel free to subscribe to it!)

Real good fun! The next show is on Dec 12 at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA. Please come! I will be playing at 11pm and I will also be performing on drums with my friend Zack Hexum at 9:30pm (same club).

Last night I went to see Lazlo Bane/Chad Fischer, it was really good. Go check it out at
I also have to say that I just went over to the Zappa website and watched a clip from a "Zappa Plays Zappa" concert of the famous "Black Page" fucking awesome, check it out!


yes everyone, lots of people, lots of laughs, i "Blogged" about it, the band rocked, it was a great time,

Please go to and read more about it !


Upcoming Show! - September 17, 2006

Yes folks, I have booked a show!October 26th at the Hotel Cafe in beautful Hollywood, California. This will be the first performance of "Charlie Paxson (and band)". I will be perfoming songs from "Help Yourself" as well as new material. Come on out, I need your support.

and come early at 9:30 for my good friend Zack Hexum.

FO' SALE NOW!!!!!! - August 31, 2006

Yes, pick up a copy your very own copy of "HELP YOURSELF" E.P.
only 5 BUCKS!!!!!
Buy the CD
album cover
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HORSE - August 18, 2006

Tonight i am playing at largo with Colin Hay and looking forward to it. Other than that I have been writing a bit, seen a few movies Clerks 2 (for a second time) and Little Miss Sunshine (very good).I also rode a horse for the first time yesterday.

State Fair - August 7, 2006

So the 2x3 tour ended at the end of July, It was a great experiance. I played with Colin at a small town state fair this past Saturday, i tried a deep fried twinkie, I saw a bunch of baby pigs. We had a good time.

Chicago Chicago - July 23, 2006

The show last night was fun, no i haven't had any Chicago pizza yet, maybe tonight, Today we are lounging in Chi town. A few days ago ,In Columbus, Ohio we played 2 sets so I attempted to do a cover of "Overkill" (Colin Hay/Men at Work) with no rehearsal and butchered it, it was funny and I wish i recorded it. Off to Minneapolis tomorrow.

On tour (virgina) - July 18, 2006

Hello the E.P. is done, I am in Virgina today, the tour is moving along. We played aplace called Jammin Java, they had an amazing mozzerella and tomato sandwich and some pretty good chili. I went and played 4 shows with Colin Hay, we had a great time and really stepped it up. When I get back to California I am going to record a bit more for his album and then we have a couple of shows in August in Washington state and Newport Beach, California

Masters of the universe - July 6, 2006

music mastered, art work done, off to the presses, first gig of tour tonight!

MIX MIX MIX - July 1, 2006


help yourself - June 29, 2006

tonight i put the last bit of guitar on a song called "Help Yourself". Now we mix.
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